Aquarophilia Madrid interviews us

Today we have the pleasure of telling you that since last November 25 we have been part of the group of sponsors of Acuariofilia Madrid .

We leave you with the interview they did with us:

1. When did Firemouth Aquaristic start its journey?
Although, on a professional level, I have been dedicated to the sector since 2007, Firemouth Aquaristic is the most complete project I have created to date; completely updated to the new way of seeing aquarium hobby and, although it is recently created (July 2022), we are experiencing great successes.

2. As a store, what changes have you experienced since then?
Starting a new project gives us the opportunity to meet new clients, a new audience and there are more and more people involved in the sector, and it is great to share this beautiful hobby with new points of view.

3. What do you offer at Firemouth Aquaristic?
At Firemouth Aquaristic we create the aquarium of your dreams and help you ignite that spark for the hobby.
In addition, we offer assembly and maintenance services to help the client improve their project and instruct them in its continuity. You can find a range of products for both fresh and marine aquariums, as well as new sections related to nature, such as indoor plants, bonsai and botanicals for the aquarium.

[Image: KGZ7KU4.jpg]

4. Do you keep fish in your facilities?
Yes, we also work under weekly orders for the most special species, we have diffusion lists for our clients. Once we receive the fish directly from the breeder, we previously carry out the quarantines for their subsequent shipment home.

5. Can any animal or material be ordered to order, even if it is not in your catalog?
Yes, we help you with everything you need.

6. How much percentage of the store is dedicated to freshwater and how much to marine?
90% of our products are freshwater aquarium products.

[Image: LONTuc8.jpg]

7. What can you tell us about the products and brands you offer? What brands do you usually work with?
We work with a wide variety of brands and, to facilitate customer navigation, they are properly categorized by product brand, knowing that our customers are always looking for something specific from X brand.
Among others, we work with WIO.ECO, Aquael, Sicce, Seachem, Aquavitro, Riverest WOOD, Riverest rock, bacter House, SAKANA, Nebari for bonsai, etc.

8. What would you say sets you apart from other stores? What is your identity sign?
It is very important that our clients receive personalized advice on what they are going to buy. In addition, we work as a team and given our many years of experience, we quickly resolve problems that may arise in aquariums. We also work a lot on after-sales service, always in contact with the customer.

9. If a product is out of stock at any time on the website, how long would it take you to have it back in stock?
We replenish every week.

10. Regarding shipments, can you detail the delivery times, costs, guarantees, etc.? What companies do you work with?
We work with Nacex and so far we have not had any problems or incidents to regret, they are fast and efficient in their service, around 70-80% of shipments are delivered within 24 hours. Shipping is free to the peninsula from €60, for lower amounts it is €5.95

11. What is most requested by customers in terms of animals and products?
Right now we are selling many quantities of "Bucephalandra assortment", with very competitive price and excellent quality, brought directly from Borneo.

[Image: 3fT5cxA.jpg]

12. What is your strong point? Are you specialized in something specific?
Discus, cichlids and bettas

13. Do you make aquariums and/or tables to order?
Yes, we work on custom and commissioned projects.

14.Do you do aquarium maintenance for individuals?
Yes, as we have reported above, we do the maintenance that the client needs.

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Now, a little more personal questions:

16. Where does the name of your store come from?
The firemouth was the first cichlid I saw caring for and protecting its young. Hence the name Firemouth Aquaristic.

17 Who is the Firemouthaquaristic team?
Nico Luchoro in charge of assembly, maintenance, advice and customer sales services.
Zaida in charge of marketing, social networks and online store.

18. How many years ago did the hobby enter your lives?
Since I was 7 years old, this has been 29 years now.

19. Do you keep aquariums in your house?
Yes, more than you can count on the fingers of one hand.

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20. What do you think is the current projection of aquarium hobby in Spain in general and in Alicante in particular?
I think there is a lack of advice and involvement on the part of the macro stores that took over practically the entire market. Now it has become a neglected sector, at least in Alicante.

21. What opinion do you have about the Aquarophilia forums?
I think they have gone out of fashion, they had their boom and their moment and I am very surprised that Acuariofilia Madrid has managed to keep the activity of so many fans alive together, it is admirable.

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