Altums bred in captivity in Europe

Altum Angels are a fairly popular fish among more experienced aquarists.
The Altum Scalar (Pterophyllum altum) is the largest species of angelfish that exists. They are much less common in trade than their well-known relatives (arguably the best-known tropical fish) Pterophyllum Scalare, Common Scalar.

The Altum Scalar is considered the most peaceful of all angelfish species.

They require high temperatures and can be kept together with Discos as they have similar water parameter requirements.

They are around 18 cm long and very tall, with large fins that reach up to 30 cm in height.


They can have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years if properly cared for.


The body has a silver color that can be accentuated with a green tint. It has three wide brown (dark reddish) bars that extend vertically along the body, as well as some less pronounced ones. The fins may show red streaks and adults may have some red spots.


They are found in the rivers of South America; the Amazon River basin in the drainage of the upper Negro River and the Orinoco River basin in the tributaries of the upper Orinoco River to Puerto Ayacucho.

In the wild, these cichlids live in river basins and floodplains, submerged trees and plant roots, and underwater vegetation. They are most often found in very soft, well-oxygenated waters.


To maintain a good balance, you can give him high-quality porridge daily. You can also feed them with brine shrimp, mysis or mosquito larvae


They will need enough space to accommodate their size and swim freely, with an aquarium of at least 300 liters it is recommended and with a group of at least 5 specimens.

Given their origin, they will feel at home if their aquarium has roots and some rocks to offer them shelter, as well as plants around the interior perimeter, always maintaining an open area that allows them to swim.

This species needs a strict regime of water changes of at least 25% weekly. Your water should be soft to 0-5dH.

Also be sure to vacuum the substrate carefully.

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