How can I be a sustainable aquarium fan?

What is a sustainable aquarium fan?

Being a sustainable aquarium enthusiast means cultivating a healthy, clean underwater habitat for both your fish and the environment. This involves considering all aspects of aquarium ecology, from fish care to waste management. Here we show you how you can be a sustainable aquarium fan.

2. Why is it important to be a sustainable aquarium fan?

Have you ever wondered how you can be a sustainable aquarium fan? Well, the answer is simple: it all starts with education! Learning about the importance of aquatic ecosystems and how we can protect them is the first step to becoming sustainable aquarists. Aquatic ecosystems are vital to the survival of our planet. They provide 70% of the oxygen we breathe, are home to 50% of all animal life and serve as habitat for more than 80% of all fish species.

How can I be a sustainable aquarium fan?

  1. Make a conscious effort to save water.
  2. Invest in a quality aquarium filter.
  3. Learn about aquarium maintenance and proper water changes.

Make a conscious effort to save water

Water renewal: Periodic partial renewal of water (for example, 1/3 every two weeks) can eliminate organic waste. It is usually done by siphoning, bringing the water closer to the ground so that solid waste is eliminated in the same operation.

Another viable option

Change 10% to 30% of the water once a week.

Invest in a quality aquarium filter

Knowing how to choose the filter you need for your aquarium is undoubtedly one of the most basic parts. The filter is responsible for cleaning food remains, fish excrement and plant remains that can release harmful substances into the aquarium. Having a good filter is essential because we manage to provide the aquarium with a space where bacteria can multiply and are responsible for breaking down harmful substances, thus keeping the water perfectly clean.

The filter is the heart of the aquarium. If your flow drops, it can cause serious problems. Make sure you filter an acceptable amount of water. If not, clean the load with aquarium water previously collected in a bucket or small basin to facilitate the filtering task.

Our advice is always that the filter is at least twice as recommended by the manufacturer in case we want to have more peace of mind in water maintenance.

Our recommended filter brands are Sicce and Aquael

Learn about aquarium maintenance and proper water changes

Change the water:

Partial weekly water changes are the most stable maintenance measure to maintain biological balance, especially in small aquariums. In larger aquariums or aquariums with low fish populations, changing the water every 2-3 weeks may be sufficient. Everything will depend on the filter we have, the plants and the number of fish.

If water quality deteriorates considerably, Discus Art Transformer provides immediate help by tripling the recommended dose.

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