We set up a Rio Meta biotope with Alan Albiach

Recording with Alan is guaranteed fun. Alan Albiach is a Youtuber, a great fan and promoter of national Aquarophilia. Thanks to it, we can get to know fantastic projects and stores dedicated to the sector.
On December 21, before Christmas, we had the pleasure of creating a live biotope aquarium for Apistogramma Macmasteri from the Meta River .
The Meta River is a tributary of the Orinoco River that originates in Colombia and forms the border with Venezuela in its final stretch for approximately 220 km.
It has a length of more than 800 km although including its tributaries it exceeds 1000 km.
Among the characteristics of the Meta River we have that its waters are not very deep

Information about Apistogramma Macmasteri


Order: Perciformes Family: Cichlidae


Known only from the Guaytichia and Metica river basins, upper Meta River system, Colombia.


Male: 5.5 cm | Female: 4cm


In this setup we will see the feasibility of a 40x40x40 cm aquarium, approximately 50 liters.


A more natural looking arrangement could be beneficial for a pair of Apistogramma Macmasteri , they will feel like they are in the wild.

This natural look will consist of the use of soft, sandy substrate with roots and wooden branches placed in such a way that many shadows and caves are formed.
The addition of dried leaf litter (ketapang beech, oak or almond leaves are all suitable) would further emphasize the natural feel and thereby bring the growth of beneficial microbial colonies.

The leaves can be left in the aquarium to decompose completely or removed and replaced every few weeks.

In this case, we have used:

Wio Sand Canyon - 5 liters
Additionally, to soften the tone, we add Wio Sand Heaven - 2 liters

In this project we have also used:

Kiryuzuna Grano Sohin with this we will be able to oxygenate the roots of the plants that we will later plant.
kiryuzuna grain sohin
Spider Gold
spider gold
For the natural system, we have used the following botanicals from the brand Sakana Botanicals

MulchBed recreates the natural layer of wood that covers the forest floor or river bed. It is a carefully selected mixture of bark, roots, branches, small pieces of wood, imitating the wood-based organic matter that occurs naturally in natural habitats.
The selected materials have the unique characteristic that once flooded, they will remain at the bottom of the aquarium and will not decompose for years.

Stunning grass-like background plant
Very thin and long stems.
Very popular in aquascaping.

  • Apistogramma Macmasteri Red Mask 3-4
Temperature: 24-28 ºC | pH: 5.5-7.0

Now yes, I leave you the complete YouTube video

🎁If we reach 800 likes on the video, WE WILL Raffle off the aquarium!

Thanks for reading, Nico
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