New Sentia Dosing Pump

This week we had the opportunity to test and install for the first time the new Aquavitro Sentia dosing pump in the marine aquarium of one of our clients.
The experience has been very rewarding, easy installation and totally recommended. Nothing to do with other complicated installations that do not make starting the pump any easier.
The sentia® dose modular aquarium dosing pump incorporates a host of new features built on the solid foundation of a peristaltic pump.
You can connect unlimited secondary units to the main unit and control them all from the same application on your mobile phone . Automatically create suggested dosing schedules with complete versatility at the level of days of the week, time of day, dose per day, total volume and volume per dose.

Sentia Dose Dosing Pump Features

Add multiple dispensers with ease

Maybe you just need a dispenser. Maybe you need three… or 15. Connect unlimited secondary units to the main unit and control them all from the same app on your smartphone. Remove the side panels and simply slide what you need into place. All powered by a primary unit.

Color coding

Use the included color rings and hose clamps to color code your supplements for easy online identification. Or use all the same color for a clean look. Each primary and secondary unit comes with one each of red, orange, yellow, green, teal, blue and purple.

Mounting bracket included

The included removable mounting bracket allows you to mount the units. It is not necessary when placed on a horizontal surface, but also works as a pedestal in this orientation.

rotating head

The head rotates 360º with 8 locking positions so you can mount the units in the orientation you want with the freedom to organize and manage the lines however you see fit.

Slim profile

A single unit measures only 2.625” wide. Slim profile design means more dispensers in less space. Even with 8 units, once the side panels are removed and each unit is attached, the total length is less than 17” (43 cm).

Scan product barcodes for automatic configuration

Scan a compatible Seachem or aquavitro product barcode and the app will automatically calculate and set dosage based on the volume of your aquarium.

Sentia® Dose Application

With the sentia ® app, take control of the sentia ® modular dispenser Manage multiple aquariums and devices. View statistics like reservoir levels, upcoming doses, and scheduled water tests at a glance. Receive alerts and reminders, and review dosing records to stay in control of your dosing regimen. Automatically create suggested dosing schedules or create your own with full versatility of days of the week, time of day, dose per day, total volume, and volume per dose.

If you are thinking of incorporating a dosing pump in your aquarium, don't think twice, this model is totally recommended.

You can find this product in our online store and if you have questions about its installation or any other questions, write to us and we will advise you on everything you need.

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