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Aquael Nano Cool

Aquarium hobbyists know the importance of having a quiet and efficient fan.
During the summer months, aquariums can heat up quickly, resulting in poor water quality and an unhealthy environment for fish. A good fan can help keep your aquarium cool and at optimal temperatures while providing a comfortable environment for your fish. Quiet and efficient fans are essential for any aquarium hobbyist who wants to keep their tank running smoothly all year round.
At Firemouth Aquaristic we help you bring your aquarium to the perfect temperature with the nano cooler fan.
This miniature aqua chiller (measuring 4cmx4cmx4cm) is perfect for any freshwater or saltwater aquarium, and is incredibly easy to install - simply attach it to the edge of the aquarium glass, just above the water surface.
Plus, with its special bracket, you can be sure that your nano cooler fan will stay in place.

How does Nano Cooler work?

AQUAEL NANO-COOL generates constant air movement that makes the water surface move. Thanks to this, the air-water contact area increases, thus decreasing the water temperature. The device is capable of effectively reducing the water temperature in small aquariums, even by a few degrees Celsius, which usually proves to be enough to keep animals in good condition. At the same time, it consumes only 1 W of electricity and does not produce the slightest noise.

How do you connect?

Thanks to the USB connector, it can be connected not only to the mains, but also, for example, to a computer socket. It is also perfect for terrariums that cause light air movement and better circulation.

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