AquaRIO Neo Solution

Are you looking for an effective solution to feed your plants optimally?

Do not look any further! Introducing Neo Solution, AquaRIO's range of liquid fertilizers that will work wonders.

With Neo Solution, you will not only get visible results, but you will also be able to make the most of your plants' potential.

They are high-quality and effective fertilizers that will be great allies of other brand products such as NeoSOIL or NeoPLANT TABS.


neo solution


NOTE: The doses indicated here are merely indicative. Each one must adapt them to their type of aquarium according to the equipment they have, the plants they maintain and the growth status of the plants at all times.


– If you detect the appearance of algae, reduce the doses used and increase water changes. Until you solve the problem you may also need to reduce the CO2 doses and the hours or power of the light.
– Use only as fertilizer for aquarium plants.
– Its use is not recommended in aquariums with shrimp as it could be toxic to them.
– Shake before use to dissolve sediments.
– The use of liquid fertilizer as the only nutritional element will not have the expected result if the rest of the elements that the plants need (Light, CO2, Substrate...) are not adequate.

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