How to prepare botanicals for aquariums

If you are an aquarium lover and passionate about aquarium hobby, you have surely considered the idea of ​​adding botanicals to your aquarium to create a more natural and healthy environment for your fish.

Botanicals not only add aesthetic beauty, but also provide important benefits to the aquarium ecosystem.

In this section, we will explore how to properly prepare botanicals for your aquarium, ensuring that they are safe and beneficial for both your fish and the wider aquatic environment.

Read on to discover all the steps necessary to achieve a vibrant and balanced aquarium with the help of the right botanicals.

How to prepare botanicals for aquariums?

Using botanical aquarium products and how to prepare them are important steps in setting up a botanical-style aquarium.

After purchasing aquarium botanical products from Sakana Botanicals you should follow the instructions on the label.

This preparation method ensures that any potential contaminants stay out of your aquarium.

Tips to follow:

1. Rinse all botanicals under the tap with hot water for at least one minute.

2. Boil all botanicals for at least 20 minutes with tap water. In this way, in addition to eliminating contaminants, you will ensure that your botanicals do not float.

3. Drain and strain the botanicals, discarding the old water.

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