How can you create a biotope aquarium?

How can you create a biotope aquarium?

Although this is very basic information and a primary study, we must have a minimum of information about what the biotope is and why we recreate it in our aquariums.

1.01. What is a biotope and why is it important?

A biotope is the natural habitat of a particular species of plant or animal. It is a unique environment that is characterized by the presence of a specific community of living beings and the associated ecosystem.
The importance of biotopes lies in the fact that they are the natural spaces where species develop, where they establish their populations and where they intervene in ecological cycles. In this way, biotopes are fundamental for the conservation of biodiversity.

1.02. And then, what is an ecosystem?

An ecosystem is made up of:


Constituted by

The set of all Ecosystems is:


non-living elements

living elements



So, for example, what components would form the Biotope and the Biocenosis?
Biotope: water, air and rocks…
Biocenosis: plants, fish…

How can you create a biotope aquarium?

A biotope aquarium is a type of aquarium that simulates the natural habitat of fish.
These aquariums are very popular among fish hobbyists (us) as they offer a more natural environment for the fish and are also easier to maintain.
If you are interested in creating a biotope aquarium, here we will show you how you can do it.
There are many aquatic ecosystems around the world, but you must choose one and the choice of which ecosystem to recreate will depend on many factors.
Some of the factors to consider when selecting an ecosystem
to recreate in a biotope aquarium are:
  • the available space
  • the weather
  • the availability of plants and animals.
Once the ecosystem to recreate has been selected, it is necessary to research it. You should read about the climate, vegetation and animals that inhabit the selected ecosystem. Research will be a fundamental part of the entire process as it will allow you to create a viable and stable biotope.
Once you go to choose the aquarium elements. These should be as natural as possible.
If you need help, do not hesitate to write to us.
We are specialists in the classification of biotopes according to area and we can create a perfect project with all the essential elements to get it started.
Thanks for reading, Nico

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