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If you have an item, plant or animal that you no longer need, is surplus to pruning or reproduction (not subject to citation) and limits your space to continue evolving, at Firemouth Marketing we help you with the exchange through our online store .

Take note of the next steps to follow and let's get to it!

Contact us and show your products:
WhatsApp Contact us by whatsapp (601268305)
Tell us your story and what your second-hand product, plant or animal is.
We will ask you to provide us with photographic material and videos of the article, and to do so you must use a plain background and 1:1 format.
Here is an example:
Product rating:
With the contribution of your images and videos, we will be able to assess the condition and advise you in a personalized way if you need it.
*You will always have to guarantee correct operation and report possible defects of the products that are put up for sale.
*In case of non-compliance with the aforementioned guarantees, you could lose both the income for the product and the product until the value of the expenses generated in transportation is paid.
*Once settled you will be able to recover your product.
*All items, whether products, plants or animals, are subject to approval.
* The sale of aquariums or terrariums cannot be shipped due to their high breakage rate and difficulty in packaging, so they will be announced with local collection by the buyer at the location agreed upon with the seller, this operation will not have any type commission from Firemouth Aquaristic.
What do we need from you?:
In addition to the photos and video of the state of the product, once the sale is made, we will issue a sales document in which you will have to provide your personal data (name, address, account number for deposit and NIF or similar document) which will be processed in an internal data protection file.
How will we sell your product? Sales process and steps:
We will publish your article in our Marketing section, at
You choose the price, we will add a management commission (20%) plus the taxes corresponding to the sale (21%) or (10%) on plants and this will be the final price of the product.
When the sale has been made through our online store, we will send you the self-invoicing form to fill in the aforementioned information and after this you will be able to prepare the item carefully to ensure that it reaches its new owner in the best conditions. You will have to photograph this packaging and preparation process and send it to us by WhatsApp in the same conversation in which we begin the appraisal process of your item. In the case of animals or plants, you will have to inform 24 hours in advance to request collection and to be able to properly pack the animals.
*In the PACKAGING section you can find the necessary products to prepare your order so that everything arrives correctly.
The transport agency will soon pick up your package to deliver it to the new destination. This will not cost you any money.
When and how you will charge for your sale:
Once the item reaches its new recipient and we verify that all the management has been carried out correctly and is in order, we will transfer the amount of the item to the bank account that you provided us.
Simple, right? Give your project a new chance!

🔥Team Firemouth 🔥

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