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In today's post, we talk about @aquadesigngranjasnature and the varieties of Neocaridinas that exist on the market.

With the collaboration of Manuel and José Isidoro, we found a complete definition of this aquatic invertebrate. Neocaridinas are two varieties of freshwater shrimp native to Taiwan. And although there are more varieties, Granjas Nature presents the following:

  • Neocaridina Davidi Wild:

    In its wild variety, the colors range from gray, brown and greenish as the predominant color.

    They can also show subtle hues such as reds, oranges, yellows and blues.

    Original from Taiwan and southeast China.

    It lives on the banks of rivers and low-flooded backwaters among leaves and sediments. We can also find them hidden in areas with a lot of vegetation such as mosses, reeds, floating plants, always in large groups.

    PH 5-8 / GH 1-20, KH 1-20, Temperature 12-30º

  • Neocaridina Red Sakura :

They are native to southern China, Taiwan and northern Vietnam.

They are ideal for amateurs who are just starting out in the world of shrimp.

PH 6.8-7.5 / KH 5-10 / GH 5-20 / Temperature 23-25º

It is one of the most difficult colors to set in Neocaridinas.

With vibrant and very intense colors that will give light and joy to any aquarium.

PH: 6.5-7.5 KH: 2-4 GH: 5-10 Temperature: 23-25ºC

The color of Neocaridina Blue Sapphire resembles the color of sapphires, being one of the most sought after for its beauty and ease of maintenance.

They tolerate a wide range of parameters, feeling comfortable in slightly alkaline and hard waters.

PH 7.5 / GH 6 / KH 10 / Temperature 22º

The variety Yellow Golden back (formerly yellow fire neon) is a selected variant of Neocaridina var yellow and first bred in Germany.

They differ by having a longitudinal stripe called back line, which is light yellow in color.

The color throughout the body is a uniform golden yellow.

PH 7 / KH 10 / GH 6 / Temperature 22º

  • Neocaridin Bloody Mary:

This is one of the latest selections in the red Neocaridinas range. It is the result of a long selection work starting from the Neocaridina chocolate Sakura (cross of Nd and Np)

Its color is very bright and ranges from blood red to wine red.

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