Bucephalandra care

Bucephalandra , also called jewel plant, are easy to care for and maintain plants, making them perfect for living in aquariums and vivariums.

All Bucephalandras are endemic, and can be found on the largest island of the Malay archipelago, known as Borneo, where our top quality and freshest imports come from.

When they were first introduced into the aquarium industry, they were compared to Anubias for their creeping rhizomes and prehensile roots.

New varieties are still being discovered and are entering the market.


In aquariums, sudden changes in fertilization or an algae infestation are often responsible for leaf loss. But it must be taken into account that this process of leaf loss is gradual so it will be easy to treat the problem before all the leaves are lost.

Additionally, even without leaves, if the rhizome and roots are firm and healthy, the plant is still alive and usually recovers over time.

Bucephalandras with well-oxygenated waters continue to grow and produce new leaves.


Lighting - 0.5 W per liter or more

PH of 5-8, almost any GH and KH

Temperature between 22-28 degrees, higher than these temperatures can cause the leaves to melt.

They like fast currents, which can be achieved by using an internal filter, a small water pump, or by placing them near the filter outlet.

They are slow-growing plants that require a healthy surface to grow, such as on a log, coconut or rock (especially volcanic rock).


These are plants that are generally 3 to 5 cm high, although we can also find some varieties that are larger and reach 8 to 25 cm.

At Firemouth Aquaristic, you can find up to 30 varieties of Bucephalandra imported directly from Borneo and offering an affordable price so you can enjoy them in your project.

In this link you can discover the selected varieties we have.


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