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Something unique and very special that you will find on this website is the Marketing section.
Throughout the 15 years of personal experience that I have in the aquarium and terrarium sector, there is something that always becomes a problem among hobbyists, and that is the difficulty of changing projects due to how to offer your animals or items. second-hand or on the other hand the surpluses of pruning or reproduction of species that occasionally occur and limit us in space or freedom to continue evolving in the hobby, which is why we give the option with the Firemouth Marketing section to sell and buy all of these surpluses, providing as a guarantee some systems and guidelines to follow for the correct exchange between fans through the online store.
In this section you can sell everything from a filter to a plant. Obtaining shipping facilities, advice and a method to guarantee a safe sale and purchase and most important of all, giving the animals a suitable home and ensuring that the shipment is done in the safest and most efficient way with full guarantee.
We will add a small management fee to each transaction that is made.
Do you have something to sell? You just have to write an email or send a WhatsApp to 601268305 and we will provide you with the information so that we can get to work.
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