Electronic equipment for marine reef aquarium

This is the electronic equipment prepared for a project that has been commissioned from us for a 300 liter aquarium.
We are going to transform a freshwater aquarium into a marine reef aquarium.
You already know that, as always, to adapt to your project it is necessary that you contact us to adjust each item in detail according to the needs of your aquarium.
This complete equipment project (120cm long urn) costs around €2800/€2900 in normal quality, if we were looking for very top quality products, the price would double.
What includes?
- Skimmer
- Dispenser and its tubes
- Motion bombs
- Rise pump
- MAT automatic filtration
- Lighting screen
- Salt and rock
- Filler
- Overflow
- Sum
Although we will talk about the biological topic of the aquarium later, now we want to focus on the electronic equipment that we are going to use in this project:
First of all, let me tell you that all this equipment is located in the SUM, except for the motion pumps, not in the main urn. The SUM is a secondary urn that is located under the main urn, inside the furniture and connected by the overflow.
Starting with the Skimmer , we have chosen a brand that tolerates Ozone with good support. The Skimmer is this model: Deltec 1000i Skimmer
Returning to Ozone, this is a gas that is put into the aquarium to increase its oxygenation. Although it is not mandatory, it is used to avoid parasites and others that greatly benefit the aquarium. We usually choose the oversized skimmer especially in crowded aquariums or with short polyp corals. The reason is very simple, this type of coral needs very little nutrients in the water and if we use smaller skimmers, we will have problems eliminating this load of urea and other compounds that will hinder the correct development of these animals.
It is important to keep in mind that a very powerful skimmer will also eliminate amino acids, trace elements, etc. and therefore, we recommend the use of dispensers that will allow us to maintain better water quality. We have chosen the Jebao model
The dispenser will add all these amino acids and trace elements daily (whatever our water needs). This water will have to be previously analyzed to know what basic levels it requires.
In summary, we will use the dispenser to stabilize the excess filtration caused by the skimmer.
On the other hand, powerful circulation pumps that allow good circulation throughout the aquarium. We have selected the MLW-20 model with up to 10,000 liters/hour that can be controlled via mobile phone (connected by WIFI). Although it may seem like it is too much for the aquarium we are working on, from the beginning, we will set the pumps very weak and we will increase them little by little when they lose the flow. We recommend at least two pumps, from a 200 liter aquarium, in addition to a lift pump.
The lift pump is used to lift the water from the SUM to the main urn.
We have chosen the Mantis Tornado 4000 model
The new fashionable one is the Roller, which takes a lot of work away from us. It is responsible for eliminating all types of particles that pass from the overflow to the SUM. It is a replacement for dry-wet perlon. We have chosen the Bubble Magus model
We also need an automatic filler. It is a tank that we put in the SUM where we will only have osmosis water that will fill water into the main urn when it evaporates. Because as you know, when the water in the main urn evaporates, it only evaporates from fresh water, leaving the salts concentrated in the aquarium. We have used the SMART ATO osmosis water filler
Lastly, let's deal with lighting. It is a very important issue in our project and we must ensure that we choose great quality. We have selected the MAXSPECT LED RSX 200W model. A very competitive screen, with a controller, we can make the spectrum we want, the sunrise, etc... We can program it in 1000 ways. We have implemented the entire range of colors we want: blue, white... It is a screen that gives a lot of itself.
We are open to doubts or queries you may have.
You already know that, as always, to adapt to your project it is necessary that you contact us to adjust each item in detail according to the needs of your aquarium.
In this YouTube video, you can find the complete presentation of the team.
Thanks for reading, Nico
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