Gasterosteus Aculeatus - we set up a specific aquarium for him

Gasterosteus Aculeatus, also known as swordfish or stickleback, is a species of fish found in fresh and salt waters around the world. This small but brave fish is known for its thin and elongated body, as well as its characteristic spines on the back.

Its scientific name, Gasterosteus Aculeatus, comes from the Greek "gaster" meaning belly and "osteos" meaning bone. This is because this fish has a body covered in protective bone plates.

Gasterosteus Aculeatus can adapt to a wide variety of aquatic environments, from rivers to lakes and even estuaries. It is able to survive in both fresh and salt water, which is quite impressive for such a small fish.

In addition to its ability to adapt to different environmental conditions, the Gasterosteus Aculeatus also stands out for its territorial and aggressive behavior. Males build circle-shaped nests using algae and other available materials to attract females. Once the female lays her eggs in the nest, the male fiercely protects them until they hatch.

In summary, the Gasterosteus Aculeatus is a fascinating fish with surprising abilities to adapt to different aquatic environments. Its territorial and aggressive behavior makes it an interesting species to study and observe in nature.

A few days ago at Firemouth Aquaristic we set up a specific aquarium for them, you can see the complete setup at this link:

Furthermore, to our surprise and during the live broadcast we had the participation of Ángel BC who told us that this species can be found in areas of the Ebro Delta and we have images of the site.

If you have any questions, contact us and we will help you with everything you need.

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gasterosteus aculeatus in the ebro delta

Ebro Delta

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