Today we talk about WIO products applied to the aquarium.

WIOECO DESIGN SL, is a global company based in Barcelona, ​​Spain.
It offers us solutions through premium brands that elevate nature to living art, for the most demanding clients with a special sensitivity for nature, well-being, art and excellence.
With more than 10 years of experience, it offers top quality own brand products.
At FiremouthAquaristic we are constantly searching for the perfect product for your project. For this reason, we are committed to integrating WIO products into our online store.
You can find different products such as WIO sand, gravels, boulders, biotopebeds and the new addition of the SLIM screen
WIO makes it very easy for us when starting our project since you can find the same design style in the different products, such as the Bumblebee line.
Both available in 2kg and 5kg containers
We also find impressive mixtures that make it easier to start the project, such as the BIOTOPEBEDS range in which we have 12 impressive options, here is an example:
We believe biotopians, aquascapers, terrarium creators and everyone else will value and enjoy our latest offering with BIOTOPEBEDS. It is made up of sand and gravel mixtures that WIO has developed after careful study of natural habitats around the world. This means that we have analyzed the color, composition, gradients and geology of aquatic habitats and have used this knowledge to create authentic, natural-style substrates that will be especially useful for those interested in developing biotopes, but could also find a home in aquascapes and submerged screens.
Within these ranges we can classify them into two branches:
1) those of estuaries and large lakes where we find among their shell mixtures other typical materials of these, for Lake Tanganyika and Malawi we can embroider them with these gravels, even combining them with others to achieve the desired effect, such as:
2) and in rivers and river beds where we find a larger concentration of organic matter, such as branches, roots and leaves, we can even find in some of their containers only branches and roots to further increase these effects.
You already know that if you have any questions we are always at your disposal
You can find the entire WIO range available here:
Whatsapp: 647299936
Thanks for reading, Nico
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