The complete guide to Dermogenyspusilla or Half-beaked fish

Dermogenyspusilla or Halfbeak Fish tends to inhabit a variety of calm or slow-flowing water biotopes, including rivers, canals, ditches, flooded fields, lakes and ponds.
Some of these may be stagnant and usually all contain a lot of surface vegetation.
Occasionally seen in semi brackish conditions around mangroves during the rainy season.
#dermogenyspusilla or #pezmediopico
They are found in India, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia.
Midbeak fish
They are viviparous fish that, unlike the poecillia genus, the dermogenys do not have a gonopodium but an andropodium, and the difficulty of reproduction is not so easy.
Midbeak fish
The first import was made by J.Reichelt, Dresden in 1905
Aquarium maintenance:
Temperature 22-30ºC, pH 7-8; dGH up to 15º
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