Luis Car Martín AQ, Passion for black water.

Luis Car, a prominent aquarist specializing in black water, is a great creator of large and small projects with montages where plants , both aquatic and marshy, wood , rock and waters tinted by tannins, are the protagonists.

At Firemouth we did not want to stop showing you their projects to give you a great shot of inspiration, from a small vase to a large 200 liter aquarium give possibilities to this style.

In the image we see Madera Spider.

On the one hand, the tannins that we see in these montages acidify the water, causing perfect water for the development of plants.

Not only are tannins good for plants, fish also enjoy them, being a natural anti-stress. Even so, drops in Ph must be controlled, since some fish may suffer if it drops excessively.

With active charcoal we can also regulate the amount of log dye expelled by the logs, although with water changes we can also soften them.

Furthermore, Luis Car has an extraordinary ability to give life to any container, no matter how small, from a small plant to an entire plant ecosystem.

On the other hand, this style also includes the biotope aquarium where the habitat to be represented is very precisely defined.

It should be noted that you can find this quality of wood in specialized brands, for example Perita Wood is a very characteristic wood that leaves a spectacular touch in most biotopes with wood.

Another very characteristic wood for these biotopes could be Rainforest for the recreation of Igapos.

You can find more works by Luis Car Martín on Instagram at the account: @ luiscar.aquaticnature


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