Natural aquarium plants for beginners

Discover the ideal aquarium plants if you are a beginner

What is an aquarium plant?

Aquarium plants help to beautify the space in which our fish will develop. In this article we will talk about the easiest natural plants to maintain if you have just landed as an aquarist .

By the way, do you know what it means to be an Aquarius lover?

The term "aquariumphile" is a portmanteau of the words "aquarius" and "enthusiast." It has been used to describe people interested in fish tanks and other aquatic environments. Aquarium fans are people who have a great fascination for aquariums. We spend hours looking at our aquariums, watching the fish swim and taking care of the tank.

How to choose the perfect plant?

Choosing the most suitable plants for your aquarium is not always an easy task. Generally, we tend to simply choose the plants we like the most and mix them in the aquarium without taking into account their light requirements, nutritional needs or optimal chemical parameters.

It is necessary that we take into account all these requirements to obtain success in maintaining your plants.

The plants that we are going to list are not always as beautiful as those that we can find in the top aquariums, however, they are aquarium plants whose adaptation and simple maintenance make them perfect for getting started in aquarium hobby .

Aquarium plants for beginners

In general terms, one of the species of aquarium plants for beginners are those of the Anubias genus. Among these, the species Anubias barteri or Anubias congensis have great resistance.

Anubias are also very popular because they are aquarium plants that need little light and can be kept in aquariums with simple fluorescents. They are cheap aquarium plants to maintain and are resistant to instabilities in the fish tank.

Others from the genus Cryptocoryne, Echinodorus, Hydrocotyle and Hygrophila are also suitable for aquarium enthusiasts with little experience or poorly prepared aquarium material.

Cryptocoryne plants at Firemouth Aquaristic

Aquarium mosses are also easy to maintain in low-light planted aquariums and create a perfect habitat for shrimp and small fish.

Also suitable for beginners are aquarium ferns (the java fern), which are resistant and have low light requirements.

These are just a few of the species and genera available on the beginner aquarium plant market, but there are many more.

In summary, let's go to the TOP 6 PLANTS

Anubia Barteri

Ceratophyllum demersum
Ceratophyllum Demersum

Vesicularia Dubiana, commonly known as Java Moss

java moss

Microsorum pteropus


Echinodorus grandiflorus

echinodorus grandiflorus Vallisneria Spiralis

vallisneria spiralis

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