Tubifex, your best ally against hexamite

After several years applying this method with optimal results, we have decided to share it with you through this blog.
Many people believe that tubifex is a highly dangerous food for our aquarium fish, but to what extent is this true?
I am of the opinion that any food without proper treatment can be dangerous. The tubifex hides in the mud of stagnant water, therefore it is a source of bacteria and protozoa, but pigs also wallow in the mud and we love ham ha ha. With this I only want to say that with a good cleaning we will obtain a healthy and quality product.
In this post we will teach you how to use tubifex to prevent and cure diseases such as hexamite thanks to its ability to adhere solids to your body.
First of all we will put the tubifex in a container, as you can see in the image the water is dirty since these animals are constantly feeding and when there is no food they devour each other and digest, creating water with this color.
The treatment lasts one week. We will change the water in the container daily so that the tubifex is very clean and releases all possible pathogens it may bring. The water with which the tubifex is cleaned will be from the tap without dechlorination since the chlorine contained in tap water eliminates possible pathogens and does not affect the tubifex.
We must leave it very clean, being careful not to let it come out when changing the water. This is done by waiting a while for it to form a ball again and make it easier to manipulate them.
After changing water we will add vitamins and/or foods rich in proteins to enrich the worms.
The vitamins can be whatever you want or are better for what you need, in this case we have used SAKANA but any other vitamin that is water-soluble is valid.
After a week of cleaning, disinfection and vitaminization, we will apply metronidazole in water-soluble tablets. It is important that it does not contain any type of glucose. Serving it in syrup will only work in tablets, in this case we have used Flagyl.
We put 2 tablets in 15 or 20 ml of water and dissolve well, and once dissolved we put the worms so that they stick to their skin and filter out all the metronidazole possible, the ideal is to leave them for at least 15 minutes.
Once the 15 minutes have passed you will see how they remain with white particles stuck to them as you can see in the photo, this is the time to feed them to the animals...
And here we have the animals devouring the treated tubifex. I would like to add that animals with a lack of appetite or even that had not eaten for days or weeks, tubifex with this treatment saved their lives and others improved physically when they did not finish gaining weight.
We hope this tutorial has been valuable.
All the best!!!
Nico Luchoro
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