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Aquael Hypermax 4500

Aquael Hypermax 4500

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We use the Correos parcel service with a flat rate of €45

However, write to us and tell us what you are interested in because if it is a smaller package, the costs will be much cheaper.

We use the parcel service of Correos with a flat rate of € 45

However, write us and tell us what you are interested in because if it is a smaller package, the costs are much cheaper.

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The Hypermax is a next-generation cartridge filter that provides excellent filtration quality even in very large aquariums.

It is an intuitive filter, with electronic operation and very safe to use, qualities that make the filter suitable for both experienced aquarists and beginners.

Included with the box is a set of accessories necessary to install and start the filter:

  • hoses
  • elbows
  • overflow tubes
  • sprinkler system
  • cartridges for filter media baskets
  • Standard Sponge 10, 20 and 30 PPI Pre-Filter Sponge
  • 2 empty filter material baskets, to refill according to the needs of your aquarium.

Technical characteristics


The filter has a filtration capacity of 15.9 liters (4.2 gallons) and a very efficient, low-consumption pump. Together with its electronic control, it will be very easy for you to manage large capacity aquariums, more specifically from 190 liters to 1515 liters.

Its set of 2 inlet hoses and 2 outlet hoses guarantee adequate water circulation throughout the aquarium, effectively preventing the formation of dead zones.


Aquael products guarantee a high level of safety.
Hypermax operates on a voltage of 24 volts. If the rotor locks, the device will automatically turn off, thus preventing the consequences of the failure from worsening. In addition, we will be notified of the event by means of an acoustic signal and the flashing of the function LEDs. Hypermax will react in the same way in case a rotor is missing in the engine chamber.

For professionals and beginners

An easy, comfortable and intuitive design has been ensured from the easy-to-use control panel to the wheels that allow you to move the device comfortably. Proven and patented functionalities, previously used in the renowned ULTRAMAX filters, have also been applied. These include a pre-filter and systems: double ball valves and filter autoflooding.


The large-capacity pre-filter integrated into the lid of the appliance effectively retains large impurities, which considerably reduces the frequency of filter maintenance. Cleaning the prefilter itself is very simple and does not even require removing the device from the casing. Simply lift the lid, remove the sponge from the basket and rinse it under the tap.

Double ball valve system

It is known that when it comes to accessing the interior of the filter and disconnecting the inlet and outlet hoses, it is not an easy task. The remaining water in the filter often spills onto the floor, causing justified irritation. To prevent this, the Hypermax uses a patented double ball valve system. These simultaneously close the inlet and outlet of the filter in the lid and the hose space and prevent the uncontrolled escape of water.

Filter auto-emptying

It is enough to make 2 to 4 movements of the plunger and that's it. The filter will be flooded with water from the aquarium.

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