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Orders are generally shipped within 24/48 business hours with a shipping agency.

*Orders DO NOT go out on Fridays to avoid them being stuck all weekend at the transport agency.

You can check the status of your order by sending us an email to

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- NACEX 24/48H - €5.95 | FREE ON ORDERS + €60


- NACEX HEAVY DELIVERY - €9 | €15 depending on product



We use the Correos parcel service with a flat rate of €22

However, write to us and tell us what you are interested in because if it is a smaller package, the costs will be much cheaper.

You only pay the exact Post Office rate

Write to us if you have questions


We use the Correos parcel service with a flat rate of €45

However, write to us and tell us what you are interested in because if it is a smaller package, the costs will be much cheaper.

We use the parcel service of Correos with a flat rate of € 45

However, write us and tell us what you are interested in because if it is a smaller package, the costs are much cheaper.

Fish Shipping Information ONLY

**Only valid for Spain PENINSULA

Shipping fish costs €15 (or free from €150.00) and is sent via urgent NACEX , delivering the package before 7pm.

You can also choose to pick it up at the agency first thing in the morning on
day delivery is scheduled, in this case, please write to us once the order has been placed at 664373985.

Once the package arrives you will have one hour to acclimatize and resolve any incidents.
of the animal, if it is not done in this way the right to claim the animals will be lost.

If you want to find a greater variety of fish, you can request to join the WhatsApp offers group where we will share a super large list of fish in which you will find a great variety of fish for very attractive prices.

Available in 2 sizes: 40g and 80g.

EasyMasstick is the evolution of Masstick:

It does not require prior hydration, thus facilitating quick and comfortable use, for both amateurs and professionals. This new format does not need to be kept cold to preserve its properties, making it easier to store with the rest of the products in our aquarium.

Natural food for fish and invertebrates. It is a mixture of various totally natural compounds of marine origin , highly technical and intended for the balanced and natural diet of omnivorous fish and marine invertebrates.

  • EasyMasstick maintains its properties for 2 years without having to keep it cold.
  • Easymasstick is a ready-to-use self-adhesive paste.

Instructions for use

Take the necessary dose from the container, knead it manually, adhere it to the aquarium glass and preferably in several points, so that all the fish can have access to the food.

Why is Easy Masstick different?

EasyMasstick®, does not need preparation and does not need to be hydrated. EasyMasstick® is presented in an ideal texture for the correct feeding of your fish and invertebrates while maintaining the qualities and benefits of the Masstick® format.

Once in the aquarium, EasyMasstick ® does not disperse in the water for hours, so it is fully utilized by fish and crustaceans. This feature allows it to be used in “ad libitum” or rationed feeding mode.

As it is a food prepared mainly from freeze-dried crustaceans and does not contain fish skeletons, it is a food with very low phosphate content. EasyMasstick® contains microalgae (Phaeodactylum tricornutum, Nannochloropsys gaditana and Tetraselmis chuii), zooplankton (Isochrysis galvana) and crustaceans (Palaemonetes varians).

A single species of microalgae does not provide all the nutritional requirements, so it is necessary to supply several species to obtain a correct nutritional balance. It also includes a crustacean without fluorine content in its shell.

This mixture with a very high protein content is ideal for feeding aquarium fish, as well as corals and other invertebrates. With EasyMasstickMasstick® you get significant growth in fish, greater intensity in colors and an improvement in the immune system, which causes a drastic reduction in diseases.

As a side effect, it causes an increase in microfauna in invertebrate aquariums (especially zooplankton and small feather dusters) which in the end are the food for many corals and fish.

Likewise, marine phytoplankton is a very complete food since it contains vitamins, essential fatty acids, amino acids, carbohydrates and proteins necessary for the development of the different organisms in aquariums.

EasyMasstick® is 100% freeze-dried marine phytoplankton and zooplankton and crustaceans, thus obtaining from this product all the advantages of microalgae in an easy way.

With EasyMasstick® you can obtain excellent results in your marine aquarium.

Remember that this product has a best before date written on the product bag.

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