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300W Exo Terra dimming and boosting thermostat

300W Exo Terra dimming and boosting thermostat

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We use the Correos parcel service with a flat rate of €45

However, write to us and tell us what you are interested in because if it is a smaller package, the costs will be much cheaper.

We use the parcel service of Correos with a flat rate of € 45

However, write us and tell us what you are interested in because if it is a smaller package, the costs are much cheaper.

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Línea completa de termostatos Exo Terra

300W Exo terra thermostat with proportional impulse dimming


Reptiles are ectoderms, and they use heat from an external source to thermoregulate their body temperature. Many reptiles use direct heat from the sun's rays combined with conductive heat from sun-heated surfaces , such as branches, rocks , or other heat-accumulating structures. Providing an appropriate temperature gradient in the terrarium, related to the species, is an important factor in the successful keeping of reptiles.

Exo Terra Thermostats must be adjusted according to the needs of the animals. Thoroughly research the appropriate optimal temperature (POTR) and humidity range specific to your reptile so you can achieve temperature gradients within the terrarium to allow your reptiles to thermoregulate and maintain their hydration levels.

With Exo Terra Thermostats you can create a well-controlled 24-hour heating/humidifying system that allows you to maintain the required temperature conditions similar to those of desert and tropical environments. Thermostats also help prevent overheating and cooling during the hottest days of summer or the coldest nights of winter.


Características principales del termostato Exo Terra

1. The proportional dimming and boost function controls the temperature of the terrarium exactly (A).
2. From 18°C ​​~ 38°C.
3. The red LED and heat symbol indicate when the heater is turned ON (B).
4. Press the button to prevent accidental adjustments or alterations (C).
5. Remote temperature probe, waterproof (D).
6. Ideal for use with Heated Blanket or Cable, Ceramic Heater or Heat Bulbs.
7. Controls heaters up to 3600W.

Termostato de atenuación e impulso proporcional Exo Terra

Can be used with exo terra heating devices

Dispositivos de calefacción Exo Terra

  • Heating Blanket : Ideal heat source to regulate the body temperature of reptiles and amphibians. It permanently adheres to the terrarium and warms the substrate as the sun would heat it.
  • Heating Cable : Flexible, waterproof and safe. Ideal for heating specific points. It is placed under the terrarium.
  • Ceramic Lamp : Radiant heat source, long-wave infrared that does not emit light and warms the environment. It is also suitable for humid environments.

What are the Exo Terra Thermostat models on the market?

Exo Terra Electronic ON/OFF Thermostats

The 100W and 300W Exo Terra ON/OFF Thermostats have an electronic TRIAC switch that maintains the temperature at the desired set point with much greater precision compared to conventional thermostats and practically eliminates temperature fluctuations in the terrarium .

Simply connect the mat, heating cable or ceramic heater to the Exo Terra Electronic Thermostat, set the preferred temperature and place the heat sensor at the desired point.

The red LED heat indicator will illuminate when the heating device is operating and turns off once the desired temperature has been reached.

The thermostat dial is moved with a flat screwdriver or similar tool, to prevent accidental temperature changes if the device is being manipulated.

Exo Terra dimmer/boost thermostats with or without day/night programmer

With the dimmable Exo Terra Thermostats of 300W and 600W, maintain the temperature at the set point with much greater precision than conventional thermostats and practically eliminate sudden temperature fluctuations in the terrarium.

The easy to read blue LCD screen shows the actual temperature in the terrarium and the set temperature, this screen will increase in brightness during the day and decrease in brightness at night.

A red LED indicator and a heating symbol will indicate when the heating device is working . Once the set temperature has been reached, the LED indicator will change to blue and the heating symbol will no longer appear.

If the Thermostat has a day/night programmer , you can set a day and night temperature separately to ensure safe temperature fluctuations for reptiles between day and night. The heat sensor placed inside the terrarium also has a built-in light sensor that detects the light intensity of the environment and will cause the thermostat to automatically switch between day and night settings, depending on the light intensity of the environment. .

The dial and button system of the thermostat will prevent accidental changes in the set temperature while manipulating the device, that is, to change the temperature setting you have to press a button while turning the dial.

Gráfico de la fluctuación de temperatura según el tipo de termostato usado

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