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Seachem Matrix Carbon

Seachem Matrix Carbon

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We use the Correos parcel service with a flat rate of €45

However, write to us and tell us what you are interested in because if it is a smaller package, the costs will be much cheaper.

We use the parcel service of Correos with a flat rate of € 45

However, write us and tell us what you are interested in because if it is a smaller package, the costs are much cheaper.

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Available in six sizes: 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 L, 2 L, 4 L

MATRIXCARBON™ is a truly unique activated carbon. With a spherical shape, optimal hydrodynamics are obtained, and it also prevents compaction.

Furthermore, thanks to its large number of contact spaces, MatrixCarbon™ allows maximum water flow and contact in its macropores.

Because it's different?

MatrixCarbon™ has a very low amount of ash, so its impact on pH is minimal. Even when immersed in distilled water, it does not raise the pH above 7.0.

While all carbons contain phosphate, despite false claims to the contrary, MatrixCarbon™ has a lower detectable amount of phosphate than the rest of the major brands tested.

When comparing overall ability to remove aquarium organic matter, absorption rate, and duration of use, MatrixCarbon™ is at least twice as effective as other high-grade carbons.

While charcoal is generally considered a chemical filter, that is not exactly true. It is in fact a mechanical filter, although it is only capable of mechanically filtering at molecular size: it works through extremely small cracks and crevices, called micro- and macropores.

Microporous carbons mainly remove metals and smaller ions (such as trace and trace elements) and are more convenient and suitable for air filtration, while macroporous carbons mainly remove large organic molecules (such as nitrogenous residues) and are more suitable for water filtration.

The ingredients used to make a charcoal determine whether it will be macro or microporous. Carbons made from coconut shell and other organic carbons form micro-porous products, while carbons made from bituminous coal form macro-porous carbons.

MatrixCarbon™ is based on bituminous coal that produces macroporous carbons. It is the only spherical carbon on the market, thus offering maximum water flow. It is sized to handle maximum water flow but is not small enough to escape the filtration bag.

All coals contain phosphate. However, that phosphate DOES NOT COME from washing the coal with phosphoric acid. Most coals are washed with sulfuric acid. Phosphate is contained in the ash from the coal source. The main purpose of acid washing is to remove ash.

Thanks to the hydrodynamic properties of MatrixCarbon™, more ash is washed from our carbon than any other. That is why this product has the lowest amount of phosphate on the market.

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